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On February 27, National Retro Day takes us back to a time before smartphones and the internet.

Every generation looks back and asks, “Remember when?” National Retro Day indulges our love for the good ol’ days while remaining in the present.

No matter the decade, pick a point in time where people talked more face to face than text to text, had dinner at home around the table and the kids played games that didn’t require internet.

What’s your retro? On National Retro Day, swoop the hair into a mile-high beehive or strut those eight-inch bell bottoms. Can you maximize the curls for a stellar Afro? Don’t hesitate to break out the old roller skates and see if you still have those mad skills. Tie the hair up with a polka dot bandanna and strike muscle pose like Rosie the Riveter. Maybe you prefer a moonwalk, a leather jacket, and a single glove.

With no smartphones, internet, and social media, we spent more time focused on each other when we were together. Each moment recorded in memory for us to look back retrospectively and not for the whole world to see.



Hermelinda A. Aguilar and Robert and Tina Duran founded National Retro Day to take a look back at how life was before social media, the internet and smartphones became a necessity of our daily lives.

Music We Grew Up With


Every era has it's own style of music. Music influences everything  from fashion, cars, food and attitude. Memorable moments from our memory can be easily accessed just by hearing that one song from our past.

More than Just Fashion, It Was LIFE


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