The 70s

 Ah, the 1970s, where a ring could tell your mood and a rock was considered a pet. It was a generation of love emerging from a nation touched by the continuing war in southeast Asia against the spread of Communism. But through the political and lingering racial tumults that plagued this great nation at the time, the true spirit of American ingenuity, resourcefulness, and resolve shone to the world like a beacon in the night. From that decade we gave the world a musical landscape that was rich in the evolution of new genres, and gave to us all the ever-living cult of Disco! Names like the Bee Gees, KC and the Sunshine Band, Donna Summer, The Village People, and Thelma Houston were setting the night on fire with their unique blending of soul, funk, motown, and R&B that had everybody doing the Hustle and shakin’ their groove things! Soul Train and the Midnight Special were weekly staples on television. Detective series like the Rockford Files, Starsky and Hutch, and CHiPS drew many a loyal watcher. And the sitcoms from this decade...absolute classic, and so many of them! Shows such as All in the Family, Happy Days, MASH, The Love Boat, and Three’s Company all helped us to continue to laugh and laugh at ourselves. Fashions of the time were unique to the decade as well. It was an era of platform shoes, bell bottoms, afros, and leisure suits. Even the kids wore bell bottoms! 

The 1970s can rightly be characterized as a time when change was embraced and love and tolerance were preached in all facets of life. The culture as a whole had become acutely aware of the damage mankind was doing to the environment, and a mindset of our responsibility to our world was donned that is still very pervasive to this day. We’ve inherited many wonderful things from the generation of the 1970s for which we can be eternally grateful.

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Fun Facts from the 70s

1970 - Samsung started selling electronics. They originally sold noodles. 

1971 - Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory was released

1972 -  Tina Duran, Co-Founder of National Retro Day was born 

1973 -  Hip Hop was created by a guy named DJ Kool Herc

1974 - President Richard M. Nixon resigned after the Watergate Scandal 

1975 - The Rocky Horror Show was released 

1976 - Apple Computer Company was founded by Steve Jobs 

1977- Elvis dies at the age of 42 

1978 - Grease the movie was released

1979 - The Cold War Began

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